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Crib 2 College

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Shown: Crib, 3 Drawer Chest/Changing
Table with Armoire, 3 Drawer Chest/
Changing Table.
Shown: Crib with Drawer, 6 Drawer
Dresser, 3 Drawer Chest/Changing Table.

LASTING BEAUTY is the most apparent feature of this crib. Crib 2 College and all matching pieces are manufactured from the finest pine wood. At the time of purchase, all products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship.

LASTING VALUE is achieved through longer-term use of your investment. Since you can use this convertible furniture for a longer period of time, the cost of using it per year is far less than a short-lived, non-convertible crib.

LASTING FUNCTIONALITY adds beauty, value and social consciousness to this furniture. The drop gate will be used as a Youth Bed Kit, so Crib 2 College can be converted to a Youth Bed when your child is about two years old. The transition out of a crib to a bed becomes easier for your child, since during this delicate period your child is surrounded by the same familiar environment, i.e. mattress, bedding, pillows, etc. Once your child is four or five years old and able to sleep in a regular bed, the crib can be converted to a double bed using metal rails (not included). To add even more value, a Conversion Kit is available. It allows you to attach a drawer to the crib and convert to a double bed with matching foot board and wooden Adult Bed Rails. Now you can re-use the crib's same drawer at the double bed's foot.

LASTING SAFETY is our goal. Baby's Dream Furniture is a certified crib manufacturer. Every style of crib we sell is tested and certified by an independent testing laboratory. Crib 2 College meets or exceeds all requirements set by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Shown: Youth Bed, 6 Drawer Dresser,
3 Drawer Chest/Changing Table Stacked
with 2 Drawer Chest.
Shown: Youth Bed with Drawer, 2
Drawer Chest and Armoire, 3 Drawer
Chest/Changing Table and Mirror.


Shown: Double Bed with Drawer, 3
Drawer Chest/Changing Table and
Armoire, Nightstand.

Available In
Two Finishes:



Shown: Double Bed, 6 Drawer Dresser
and Mirror, Nightstand.

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